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NE Teller County Fire Protection District

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About Northeast Teller County Fire District

Chief Tyler Lambert

The Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District Fire Chief is Tyler Lambert. (Additional biographical information about Chief Lambert will be posted in the near future.)

General Department Information

The Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District provides a complete range of emergency services to the residents and visitors of the district.  We encompass the City of Woodland Park, CO and the surrounding unincorporated county from the Teller County line on the East to Johnson’s Hill on the west.  Our jurisdiction goes north to the Douglas County line and south to El Paso County although this is well into the Pike National Forest.  We are almost completely surrounded by the Pike National Forest and Pike’s Peak (el. 14,110’) sits squarely to our south. 

We are a combination fire district comprised of career part time and volunteer members available at Station 1 24/7 to serve you.  We respond to fires, traffic accidents and medical calls for service.  We provide fire education through our schools, CPR and first aid classes at Station 1, inspection and plan review services, burn permits, pre-ignition inspections and general public service and information through a number of special events.

NETCFPD is an ISO fire protection class 5 within the City of Woodland Park and within 5 road miles of Station 3 on Edlowe Road.  All other areas of the District are ISO Class 9 within 5 road miles of our stations otherwise it is a 10.  We have intergovernmental agreements will all of our neighbors for mutual aid and cooperate with both the Colorado State Forest Service and the U.S. Forest Service.  We also have members that have a specialized background in wild land fire suppression.

Our mission is to provide you with the best fire protection services possible.  We will answer your questions if able, and if we don’t know the answer, will point you in the right direction.  Feel free to contact us at Station 1, 719-687-1866 at your convenience.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.


Demographics: List of Demographic Information

  • NETCFPD Budget
  • City of Woodland Park Budget
  • Woodland Park Population
  • Call Volume
  • Organizational Chart
  • District Ownership
  • Major Events

northeast teller fire annual operating budget

  • Voters approved mil levy change in 2003
  • The budget has increased 63.5% since 2002


woodland park fulltime population

  • Population in the City of Woodland Park has grown approximately 3.9% since 2002

Census data courtesy of Colorado State Demographer’s Office.


netcfpd calls for service

  • Since 2002, NETCFPD has had a 24.3% increase in the number of service calls we respond to each year.
  • Our average service call load is 2.83 calls per day.


netcfpd organizational chart

Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District Ownership

Total District Area: 82.125 mi.2 (52,560 ac.)
Private Land: 42.275mi.2 (27,056ac.): 51.5%
City of Woodland Park: 6.51mi.2 (4,166ac.) 7.9%
USFS (Pike Nat’l Forest): 38.2mi.2 (24,448ac.) 46.5%
BLM 0.65mi.2 (416ac.) 0.8%
State Trust 1mi.2 (640ac.) 1.2%

The primary responsibility of the Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District is the private property within our 82⅛ square miles.  Private property represents 51.5% of the District area equating to 42.275mi.2   We provide our services to the state and federal property in the District through agreements with these partners.  In the event of wild land fire we would most likely provide mutual or automatic aid to the U.S. Forest Service.  On the small parcels of Bureau of Land Management land and Colorado State lease land, we would most likely provide first due fire suppression services.


Major Historical Events



  • Town of Woodland Park Colorado is incorporated on June 6th.


  • A fire department is formed in Woodland Park. The non-organized department is staffed by anyone who can help at the time of incident.
  • Mr. Ira Merrill becomes Fire Warden.


  • A cart, hose and fixtures are purchased for firefighting use.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Jon Sperry, seeing the need for better fire protection, offer to match funding up to $500.00 to purchase equipment and fire plugs.
  • Midland Train Depot fire takes place in October.


  • The Home Demonstration Club raises money for a fire siren.
  • Three City Trustees contact Chief Monett of the Colorado Springs Fire Department to ask for aid in helping Woodland Park organize a volunteer Fire Department.


  • Bert Dilts becomes the Fire Chief of the recently reorganized Woodland Park Volunteer Fire Department.


  • Mr. CS Hadley becomes Fire Chief.
  • Additional equipment is purchased, including a four wheeled cart for carrying equipment. The cart was built by local carpentry students.


  • The Woodland Park Trustees are reluctant to sign a bond for fire equipment, voicing concerns for the equipment being used outside of the city limits.


  • A used pumper is purchased from the Federal Government. The truck was previously used at Ft. Carson and cost the city $177.18.


  • A 1942 Dodge Carry All truck is purchased for both Fire Department and Street Department use.
  • Mr. (Unkown first name) Workman is deputized as both the Fire Warden and Marshal.


  • Hose cart and four wheeled trailer sold by bid.
  • Bill Webb becomes Fire Chief.


  • Jack Clasby becomes Fire Chief.
  • A new fire station is errected but not completed on the NE corner of South and Pine Streets.


  • A new fire truck is purchased by Teller County for caounty areas with no fire protection. The vehicle is stored in Divide.
  • The original fire station is remodeled.


  • New, unfinished fire station which began construction in 1952 is completed.
  • A new pumper is purchased from Cripple Creek Auto Company. The truck pump and body was built by Dakota Pump in Brookings SD. It remained in service until 1993. Today, it is used as a parade vehicle. This is the first known fire apparatus purchased new by the department.
  • Fire Chief Jack Clasby assures that the new pumper will not respond to incidents outside the city limits until a future time when a fire district may be formed. This is the first time known, that a district is invisioned by the fire department.
  • In late 1955, Mr. Jon Turpen is named Fire Chief.


  • Sam Roaks becomes Fire Chief.


  • Chet Koons becomes Fire Chief.
  • County owned fire truck is now stored at the Woodland Park Fire Department. Volunteers are paid by the county to respond to incidents outside the city limits with it. The city also receives money for the storage of the truck.


  • Jim Fry becomes Fire Chief.
  • The City of Woodland Park mandates that all volunteers must be registered, trained and paid $2.00 per hour for firefighting within the city limits.
  • A training program given by the Colorado Springs fire Department is taken by volunteers.
  • It is recommended by the fire department, that any incidents requiring a response with the city owned pumper be charged $50.00 to Teller County per incident.


  • Ute Pass Ambulance leases original fire house.


  • The first two-way radios are purchased by the department.
  • A Poloroid camera, presumably this first camera, is purchased by the fire department. The camera was used by both fire and police departments.
  • $1000.00 is donated from the fire department budget to Ute Pass Ambulance.
  • Two Professional firefighters (unknown department) volunteer and begin training other volunteers.


  • Timothy Meenan becomes Fire Chief.
  • Woodland Park Volunteer Fire Department begins its memebership with the Pikes Peak Firefighters Association.
  • New equipment and hydrants are ordered in an effort to reduce the insurance classification of Woodland Park from a 9 to an 8.
  • Firefighters become formally trained in first-aid.
  • Bill Osborne and Kenneth Radebaugh are hired as Woodland Parks first dispatchers. Their responsibilities include dispatching fire and police.
  • A remote for the fire siren is installed at the night dispatchers house.


  • A new one-way receiving only radio system called Plectron, is tested and later purchased by the department. The system gives volunteer firefighters a better way to be notified of incidents and eventually did away for the need of the fire siren.
  • Original firehouse is completely vacated and abandoned.


  • The Woodland Park Volunteer Fire Department officially changes its name to Woodland Park Town and Country Volunteer Fire Department. Firefighters continue to serve both Woodland park and surrounding Teller County.


  • Mike Raley becomes Fire Chief.


  • Glen Foote becomes Fire Chief.
  • Use of fire phone is discontinued, due to 24 hour dispatching and the Plectron system.
  • Because the department is experiencing troubles with day time response from volunteers, five firfighters wive's decide to submit applications. they become the first known female firefighters in the department.


  • A new fire station called the Town and Country Fire Station was built next to the new Town Hall at 220 W. South Ave. for a total of $77,365. 


  • Two unknown volunteer firefighters become the first Emergency Medical Technicians in the departments history.
  • The City of Woodland Park becomes a home rule city.


  • Al Spratford becomes Fire Chief


  • City of Woodland Park Colorado purchases a new 1978 E-One pumper for a purchase price of $56,925. The truck remained in use until 2009.


  • Greg Hule becomes Fire Chief.


  • February 6, 1985 the Woodland Park Town and Country Volunteer Fire Department becomes the Northeast Teller County Fire Protection District. This ends a 50 year conflict between the city and the county over fire department responses outside the city limits.
  • The newly formed District purchases both the 1978 E-One pumper and 1955 International pumper from the City of Woodland Park on December 1st.


  • Bond issue passed by District voters to build the current Station 1 at 1010 County Rd. (now Evergreen Heights Dr.)


  • District purchases new Pierce pumper tender (Engine 12). It is still in use today.


  • Station 1 at 1010 County Rd. was moved into and opened for service to the community.


  • Tranquil Acres Station 2 is retired.
  • Lease made with United States Forest Service at the Manitou Experimental Forest in Ridgewood for the new Station 2.


  • Michael Smith becomes Fire Chief. He is also the first Paid member/chief of the district.


  • Jim Heenan is hired as the districts first paid fire inspector.


  • Referendum A & B passed by voters for the addition of six full-time firefighters.


  • The District hires six full-time firefighters in January.
  • An additional part time firefighter is hired in August.


  • The Districts first aerial apparatus is purchased from the Colorado Springs Fire Department. It is a 1984 American LaFrance 100' Ladder Truck.


  • Millennium tree for the White House was harvested from the Pike National Forest within the Fire District.
  • District creates three captain positions, one per shift.


  • The District constructs Station 3, known as the Travis Grimmer Station, it is located at 35 Edlowe Rd. Funding for construction is provided from the State Gaming Grant.  Land is donated by CDOT.


  • Jim Heenan, former district fire inspector and Deoputy Chief, becomes Fire Chief.
  • June, Hayman Fire burns into the district. Fire reaches nearly 139,000 acres. The largest in Colorado State history.


  • District increases mil levy by voter approval to build addition on to Station 1, 1010 Evergreen Heights Dr. and purchase a new structural engine.


  • The district and Teller County become a part of the newly formed South Central All Hazards Region. As a result, the district now has hazardous materials response capabilities and equipment.
  • Firefighters Margo Hill, John McKinney and Eric Hendren become the districts first paid State certified Hazardous Materials Techinicians.


  • District creates three engineer positions, one for each shift.


  • Nicholas Lauria becomes Fire Chief.
  • Pikes Peak Regional Hospital opens, at 16420 West US Highway 24. It is the first hospital in the district.


  • District capabilities are enhanced, when a rescue vehicle and equipment are purchased. Funded by the district and an EMS grant, the equipment is utilized for medical and rescue response. Previously, medical rescue response was made with structural firefighting apparatus and minimal equipment.


  • The district receives a much needed replacement aerial apparatus. The 1981 (refurbished in 2006) Sutphen 100' tower is donated to our district by the Eagle River Fire Protection District in Avon, CO.


  • Tyler Lambert becomes Fire Chief.