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Smoke could be returning later today. Only call 911 if you can see flames or an identifiable source of smoke. Woodland Park is the blue dot on the maps.

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A fitting modification to Shakespeare: “When they shall die, take them, and cut them in little stars, and they will make the face of heaven so fine, that the world will be in love with night, and pay no worship to the garish sun” ...

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Yep, it’s smoky.

There are no local fires at this time. Please don’t call 911 unless you see active flames or a definite source of smoke.

This map shows the locations of fires and the movement of smoke.

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Move Over, Slow Down ...

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Indeed!Hard work, self-control, and the ability to keep a positive attitude in a challenging environment are required to be an exemplary public safety dispatcher. A big shout out to our dispatchers who work hard to keep everyone safe! 💛 ...

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CPR, AED and First Aid class will be on Saturday, September 19th at 8:00 AM, at 703 Gold Hill Place in Woodland Park. The class is $25 cash or check only. Please send your name and phone number in an email to secure your spot for the class, only the first ten people will be accepted at this time. We hope to go back to monthly CPR training with limited students due to COVID-19 and thank you for understanding! ...

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Woodland Park Fire Ban
As you know, the Governor of the State of Colorado and the Teller County Board of County Commissioners have issued fire restrictions.
Considering the extreme fire risk in this community, the City is issuing this fire ban to help ensure that residents, businesses and visitors within Woodland Park city limits can remain safe from potential wildfire danger.
This fire ban is effective at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 27, 2020.
Many thanks to all for being mindful of the extreme wildfire risk...please be safe.

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El Paso County is now under Stage II Burn Restrictions.Sheriff Bill Elder Elevates Fire Restrictions from Stage I to Stage II

A meeting was called by the Pikes Peak Region Wildfire Preparedness Group (PPRWPG) which consists of the following participating agencies: The El Paso County Sheriff's Office, Colorado Springs Fire Department, Colorado Springs Utilities, Pikes Peak Fire Chiefs, Division of Fire Prevention and Control, and the North East Teller County Fire Protection District.

After discussion and collaboration with the PPRWPG, Sheriff Bill Elder has elevated fire restrictions from Stage I to Stage II effective August 24, 2020, at 12:00 PM. This elevation primarily impacts campfire and smoking activities over those restrictions that had been in place during Stage I. Due to current and future forecast conditions, they determined these measures are necessary to heighten fire hazard awareness, reduce fire risks, and protect health and safety.
These restrictions will be effective on August 24, 2020, at 12:00 PM (MDT). The Order remains in effect until rescinded.

The following activities are prohibited during Stage II Fire Restrictions:
- Open burning defined as campfires and warming fires, charcoal grills and outdoor wood burning stoves, the use of explosives, outdoor welding or use of acetylene or other torch with open flames other than in an area cleared of all flammable materials. Fires contained within liquid-fueled or gas-fueled stoves are permitted.
- The use or sale of fireworks of all kinds.
- Outdoor smoking except within an enclosed vehicle or building.

Violations of Stage II Fire Restrictions in unincorporated El Paso County may result in a fine up to $1000.

Please see this link: , for current Burn Ban guidelines to be clear on what is and what is not allowed during this enacted ban. With this information, El Paso County citizens will be able to avoid legal ramifications due to burning outside of the scope of the ban.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office urges all citizens of and visitors to Colorado Springs and unincorporated El Paso County to abide by the Order and share in the responsibility of keeping our community safe. Please report any suspected violations of the Order by calling 719-390-5555.

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Tyler Lambert, Fire Chief

1010 Evergreen Heights Dr.
Woodland Park, CO 80863-3320


Teller County Office of Emergency Management