Fire Department Operations FAQ

Who is North East Teller County Fire Protection District

 NETCO FPD is a Separate Governmental Fire Protection District that is governed by a 5 member Board of Directors and receives approximately 99.5% of its operating revenue from property taxes 

Isn’t NETCO FPD the City of Woodland Park’s Fire Department

 No, the City of Woodland Park is within the District’s boundaries which encompasses approximately 85 square miles from the Douglas County line on the North to Green Mtn. Falls on the South, to the El Paso County line on the East and West to almost Divide 

What is ISO

Insurance Service Office…a nationwide independent agency that evaluates Fire Department Capabilities and provides that info to Insurance Companies to help set rates 

Why are they so important why not just ignore the rating

They are hired by insurance companies as an independent agency to evaluate Fire Departments and we cannot ignore their findings 

Why did they evaluate NETCO FPD now

When ISO feels new construction has changed local risks/exposures and conditions they will initiate a new review which they began in the spring of 2017 

What are the Previous Protection Class ratings

  • Within 5 miles of the firehouse and within 1000 feet of an approved water source was a 5 
  • Within 5 miles of the firehouse and greater than 1000 feet of an approved water source was a 8B 
  • Greater than 5 miles of the firehouse was a 10 

What are the new Protection Class

  • Within 5 miles of the firehouse and within 1000 feet of an approved water source is a 4 due to the great water supply the City of Woodland Park offers 
  • Within 5 miles of the firehouse and greater than 1000 feet of an approved water source is a 9 
  • Greater than 5 miles of the firehouse is a 10 

How many firefighters does NFPA 1720 say we should have to respond to Structure fire calls

15 minimum, more on non-hydrant area. 

How many firefighters do we currently have on duty at one time to respond to emergency calls

  • 4 -100% of the time (fulltime staff) 
  • 5- 64% of the time in 2017. (utilizing part time staff) 

When do the new ratings become effective

September 1, 2017

How will it affect my insurance rates

Upon renewal of Residential and Commercial Insurance a higher Protection Class will have higher insurance rates 

What caused the Protection Class to mainly go up outside the City of Woodland Park

Additional new construction within the district w/o addition Property Tax Revenue to hire more personnel 

What has been done with the 2012 increase of Mills

  • Increased staffing by one Firefighter per shift 
  • Purchased a New Engine to meet the pumping capacity needed for our district 
  • Purchased a used ladder truck to meet the height requirements of buildings greater than 35 feet in height in our district 
  • Purchased a new water tender to deliver water to areas of our district that do not have an approved water source 
  • Increased our training budget to meet the requirements of NFPA 
  • Purchased new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (air packs) to replace the out of compliance units we had 

Has NETCO FPD applied for personnel grants

Yes we have applied for multiple FEMA grants and were unsuccessful 

What are the Fire Department’s other sources of funding

We can only collect a mil levy on property taxes 

Why can’t the Fire Department levy sales tax

We are governed by Colorado Revised Statutes and can only levy a property tax 

What affect does the Gallagher Amendment have

Beginning in January 2018 the assessment ratio will be reduced by 10% which will reduce our residential property tax revenue. 

What does the Fire Department do?

  • Structural Fire-fighting 
  • Vehicle Fires 
  • Wildland Fire-fighting 
  • Traffic Accidents and extrication 
  • Specialized rescue (swift water, ice, rope, below ground) 
  • Hazardous Material Response (members of the South-Central team for Teller County) 
  • Emergency Medical Response (ALS and BLS, wilderness/backcountry rescue) 
  • Community Fire Education (fire extinguisher classes) 
  • Community Risk Reduction 
  • Fire Code Compliance 
  • Pre-Incident Planning 
  • Wildland Fire Property Assessments 
  • Burn Permit Inspections 
  • Existing Building Code Compliance 
  • New Development/construction code compliance

How many calls does the Fire Department go on per year

  • 2017-916 
  • 2018-1064 

What is the current fulltime staffing and part time/volunteer

  • 1 Fire Chief 
  • 12 Fulltime Firefighters 
  • 1 Executive Assistant 
  • In 2016 we had to reduce our staff by one fulltime Firefighter/Fire Inspector 
  • 14 Part time 
  • 1 Volunteer 

How often are there two calls at one time which leaves the district uncovered

21% of the time we have more than call at a time 


Drivers LicenseDepartment of Motor Vehicles—Powers
Branch, 5650 Industrial Place, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO (719-520-6240)
Bank AccountsYour bank as soon as possible
Insurance PoliciesYour agent as soon as possible
Military and Discharge PapersNational Personnel Records Center
Papers Military Personnel Records Center
9700 Page Boulevard
St. Louis MO 63132-5100
PassportsUS Postal Office
300 W. South Ave.
Woodland Park, CO 80909 719-574-9279
Birth, Death & Marriage CertificatesState Bureau of Records in the state of birth, death, marriage, etc.
Divorce PapersCircuit court where decree was issued
Social Security or Medicare CardsSocial Security Administration
1049 N. Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Credit CardsThe issuing companies as soon as possible
Titles or deedsRecords department of city or county in which the property is located
Stocks and bondsIssuing company or your broker
WillsYour attorney
Medical RecordsYour doctor
WarrantiesIssuing companies
Income Tax RecordsInternal Revenue Service
24 hour Recorded Tax Assistance 800-829-4477
Federal Tax Questions 800-829-1040
Auto Registration and Title CardsDepartment of Motor Vehicles—Powers Branch
5650 Industrial Place, Suite 100
Colorado Springs, CO (719-520-6240)
Prepaid Burial ContractsIssuing company
Post OfficeUS Postal Office
300 W. South Avenue
Woodland Park, CO 80866-9998 (719-687-6179)
Citizenship PapersImmigration & Naturalization Service
Animal RegistrationSociety or governmental agency of registry
Telephone CompanyQWEST, customer service 1-800-1491-0118

Emergency Numbers

Electric CompanyIREA, 800 N Hwy 67, Woodland Park, CO 80863


Gas CompanyBlack Hills Energy, 24-hr cust. service 1-888-890-5554
Propane CompanyContact your provider
Emergency AssistanceAmerican Red Cross
Pikes Peak Chapter
1040 S. Eighth Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
(719-632-3563)Salvation Army
908 Yuma Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80909 (719-636-3891)
Towing ServicesFred’s Towing 687-9313
J.E.T. Service 689-2325
Alpine Towing 748-3331
Randy’s Towing 596-6067
Lock ServicesThe Lock Shop 687-2257
County Door and Hardware 687-2863

In the event that you, a friend, or family member is injured in the emergency, you should follow certain procedures if the injury requires treatment beyond the scene of the incident. Contact your company, health insurance, or agent if it is your personal policy. You may be covered under your homeowner’s, automobile, or health insurance. This would apply in the event of short or long-term disability, also.

Information concerning the salvage and restoration of such items as clothing, cooking utensils, electrical appliances, food, flooring and rugs, bedding, leather and books, locks and hinges, walls and furniture can be obtained from the U.S. Fire Administration, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington, DC 20472 or through the internet at after.htm Additional information is also available from the Fire Center of the University of Minnesota.

Tyler Lambert, Fire Chief

1010 Evergreen Heights Dr.
Woodland Park, CO 80863-3320


Teller County Office of Emergency Management