NE Teller County Fire Department

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Come join us, build connections, and let’s spark a brighter future for our community, one event at a time.

Station 1


The District headquarters operates from Fire Station 1, located at 1010 Evergreen Heights Drive and built in 1988 with an addition added in 2003. The Teller County Search & Rescue is located at this station as well. Fire Station 1 is home to several vehicles and Apparatus including two passenger vehicles, two fire engines, 1 firetruck, 1 rescue vehicle, and more. Check out Fire Station 1’s vehicles and apparatus.

Station 3


Located at 35 County Rd. 28, Station 3 is not manned but serves as a staging area for additional equipment and it can be activated when needed to support fire activity in the western area of the district.


At the Northeast Teller County Fire District, we’re passionate about fostering connections and building a stronger, safer Teller County together. 

We join the community at many yearly events. We look forward to more community events each year. Some of our events include providing medical support to Woodland Park for their Fourth of July Celebration in the Park, providing medical support to the annual Salute to American Veterans Motorcycle Rally, the Shop with a Hero in partnership with Teller County Sheriff’s office event, the Annual Christmas Parade, and The Toy and Coat Drive.


Our training happens every day with every emergency and interaction we have. Our staff also participate in monthly training events to ensure we are up to date on all current guidelines for EMT, Fire, and Rescue. Our training events are led by experienced instructors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and helping to improve our community.


Help us keep our community safe by supporting the NE Teller County Fire District.

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